Sourcing of Coffee:

We work to find only responsibly, sustainably, and ethically sourced beans. This means we look into the grower and try to get to know them as best we can. We try to avoid corporate owned farms and prefer family owned farms or coops. We tend to order organic and/or rain forest friendly coffees but in order to assure quality, we reserve the right to order the best bean for the job, even if its not certified organic. When it comes to the coffee, we only order specialty grade coffee.

Specialty Grade Coffee:

We order only specialty grade coffee, which is the highest rating coffee can get. To be specialty grade the coffee must be almost entirely free of defects and standout in one attribute. You can learn more at the link below: http://www.coffeeresearch.org/coffee/grade.htm


My Favorite Coffee is small batch roasted by our roasting partner. The beans you order have been roasted within 2-5 days of shipping to assure maximum freshness. We suggest consuming the beans within 2-3 weeks of receiving them for ideal taste.


For the Beans and Cold Brew you can subscribe to have the item sent to you regularly. You can set the interval and quantity you'd like to receive. You also have the ability to add orders, skip orders, or change delivery address at any time by creating an account. (The little person looking icon in the top right of the site). Subscribing gets you 50% off your first order, from there its 25% off for every shipment. Also, any time you see a discount code promoted, you can apply that code to your next order so you never miss out on savings by subscribing!

**You will need to create an account to manage your subscription. Do this by clicking on the little person icon in the top right of the site and be sure to use the same email address that you used if you already placed your initial subscription order.


We have negotiated the best rates we can with our carriers. The carriers set the rate at checkout based on what's in your cart. We ship all over the world, build your cart and see what options are available to you based on the weight of the package and where you are shipping to.


The Cold Brew should be refrigerated as soon as you get it. Definitely refrigerate after opening to avoid secondary contamination. It is okay if the Cold Brew gets warm during transit to you.

Cold Brew Serving:

The Cold Brew is formulated to put in a glass full of ice so you can walk around outside or leave it on the counter and when the ice melts the coffee will still taste good. This means the coffee comes out of the bottle a little stronger than we recommend if you are wanting to drink it straight without ice. Some people prefer that so we're good with those people, others may want to dilute it a bit with water, ice, or cream. There is no wrong way to drink coffee, if you add something to the cold brew and like it, great!

Whole Beans/Ground Beans:

When ordering the coffee beans, you can choose to have the beans come to you whole, or pre-ground. Whenever beans are ground, some of the oils start to deteriorate faster. For the best cup of coffee, we suggest ordering whole beans and grinding them yourselves with a "Burr Mill Grinder." We don't sell those today but a search on a site like Amazon for this will get you in the right neighborhood.


There are NO nuts in our facility. Some of you noticed that we say there are notes of nut mentioned on the Fave blend and that is from naturally occurring tastes in the coffee. In fact we don't add anything to the coffee at all!

Mug Care:

The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe! 


K-Cups are convenient, which is great. Unfortunately, we don't believe in throwing away a piece of plastic every time you want to make a cup of coffee so we won't be doing a deal with any K-Cup style packagers. Also a lot of quality is lost in the packaging and storing process and we don't sell trash.

Customer Support:

We are here for you. Email us at info@myfavoritecoffee.com if you ever have questions or issues.